“I believe real men have an incredible strength - the strength to care. The strength to show a softer side, to stand up for the right things in life and look after themselves mentally and physically. Join me on a journey” David Pocock.
In David Pocock’s own words we explore what he cares about in life and how this makes him a stronger man. David has been working with Dove Men+Care to help start a conversation about #StrengthToCare. Together we want to help challenge the traditional stereotypes of masculinity – physical strength, wealth and power.
Watch this trailer, as an introduction to David Pococok’s, Journey to Strength.
Episode 01: Letting your guard down
Society has taught us that masculinity is about putting on a brave face during times of stress and bottling up your emotions. In Episode 1 of David Pocock’s Journey to Strength, we hear how he resists the urge to follow the preconceived path of masculinity. Instead, David finds comfort in sharing his fears, insecurities and vulnerabilities with his partner Emma who helps give him the Strength To Care.
Do you show those you care about your true feelings? When was the last time you told a friend you were hurt, sad or upset? Do you think it is stronger to show loved ones you care?
Episode 02: Finding your voice.
David explains how despite his powerful stature, he found it hard to speak up and find his voice. He talks about the strength he needed to face his insecurities and stay true to his beliefs. David realised that in finding his voice he grew as a person.
What are the issues in life that you care about? When did you stand up for the right thing? Do you have the strength to care?
Episode 03: Caring for yourself 
After 11 seasons of professional Rugby Union, David discusses how you have to protect yourself against burn out. The pressures of everyday life, work and training weigh on him; just as they do for everyone else. He is seeking strength in study, travel and time for himself. It is about understanding that before you can care for anyone else, first you must take care of yourself.
How do you look after yourself? Do you think you could do more to make yourself stronger? Are you strong enough to care about yourself?
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