Santas Little Helper
In the North Pole, Santa’s littlehelpers are his elves. They are the happy little fellows who make all the toys and generally make Santa look good. In the real world however, Santa is Mum.

We want to create an enduring, helpful and distinct character who makes Mum look look good at Christmas time. That character is Lionel… Santa’s Favourite Elf. He’s Santa’s Little Helper and Mum’sLittle Helper and he becomes an ongoing icon for LEGO at Christmas time.
So who is Lionel?
Lionel is 452 years old and is by far Santa’s hardest working elf. He has been in his employ since he was a young boy and the lucky people at LEGO have managed to secure his services for their Christmas Campaign. Through all channels you get to know hima little bit better as it gets closer toChristmas.
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