BitMEX x AC Milan Partnership Platform : Born to Lead
AC Milan and BitMEX share many qualities but one, in particular, stands out. The ability to lead. Both brands have proved on countless occasions,  throughout their history, that it is the way they think and act that drive the results they achieve. We want to inspire fans to be leaders in their field, setting the standard for others to follow.

Partnership Platform: Born to Lead

Born to Lead is a call to action for 250 million Rossoneri fans around the world and today’s crypto adopters to tap into their leadership instincts and lead the way towards a new digital financial future.
BitMEX x AC Milan : Are you Born to Lead Manifesto
Great leaders don’t set out to lead, they set out to make a difference. 
They show us that defeat isn’t the end, and a win is only the start. 
Leaders are invested in you.
They inspire you to raise the bar,
to take risks,
to stand your ground, 
to never lose hope. 

They do what others can’t.
Are you born to lead?
Creative Attitude 
True to the club’s trailblazing tradition, and BitMEX cutting edge attitude we want to showcase a ‘bombastic’ attitude to drive confidence in the digital universe.
This attitude will be our approach to everything we create. We will be distinctly edgy, bold and fresh. It will give us the unabashed game-changing attitude to attract our audience. 
The Born to Lead Website
Building the brand  
BitMEX is a crypto trading platform. We needed to build knowledge and trust of the brand by connecting with AC Milan fans.
We built a campaign that allowed BitMEX to invite fans closer to their club. Legendary club players worked with cutting-edge artists to create an NFT series, explaining the power of Born to Lead.
We identify AC Milan's historic moments that fans loved and invited the hero of that moment to narrate, describe and inform how leadership created that pinnacle.
BitMEX digitized AC Milan moments for fans to own as NFTs and the utility of the NFT gave the fan access to more moments with AC Milan season tickets.
BitMEX digitize AC Milan's Greatest Moments as NFTs :
Digitizing AC Milan’s Greatest Moments   
We identified AC Milan greatest moments and built them so fans could own them. Working closely with the Club, we sourced the greatest moments, the great legends of those times, new age artists to illustrate the emotions, and powerful storytellers to bring it all together.
The NFT Artists worked closely with the club legends to hear the unique stories and then built wonderful easter eggs for fans to explore. The historic moments were captured and gifted to the fans - all to support the wonderful AC Milan foundation; Fondazione Milan.
Artists: Burn & Broad 
Storytellers: Tier Zero 
Story creators: Niks & Haris

We brought the artists, the legends, the storytellers, and the club together to build the intricate stories for fans.
The artists worked with sketches before creating the final high value digital artwork. The creative team embraced the sketches and remixed these into the bombastic style.
NFT 1 Greatest moment:
The Immortals and the Invincibles
Baresi & Massaro
BitMEX digitize AC Milans greatest moments: The Immortals and The Invincibles. Baresi & Mossaro.

The Immortals and The Invincibles NFT

NFT 2 Greatest moment:
Winning Serie A Title ‘11
Told by Ambrosini
BitMEX digitize AC Milans greatest moments: Winning Serie A Title told by Ambrosini 

Winning Serie A NFT

The 3rd NFT: The 21/22 Scudetto
BitMEX success with Fans and NFT sales PLUS the exceptional performance on the field by AC Milan enabled us to create a 3rd NFT in celebration of a successful 21/22 season.
Previously we’d connected with legend goalkeeper Dida and reflected upon the saves of this season to capture a unique piece of art capturing AC Milan winning the Italian League.
BitMEX digitize AC Milans greatest moments: The 21/22 Scudetto with Dida
BitMEX x AC Milan Champions : Animated Design
The Born To Lead NFT Collection on OpenSea
The Born to Lead NFT collection provided owners with incredible utility
All proceeds of the NFT sales go to Fondazione Milan
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