“I believe real men have an incredible strength - the strength to care. The strength to show a softer side, to stand up for the right things in life and look after themselves mentally and physically. Join me on a journey to strength” David Pocock.
David Pocock has been working with Dove Men+Care to help start a conversation to help challenge the traditional stereotypes of masculinity in Australia.
"Dove wanted to challenge traditional stereotypes of masculinity, to support men in one of the most macho cultures on earth, Australia. And who better to consider this stereotype than an empowered Female Creative Director. Working with Dove was an honour and the subject matter challenging. I truly believe you have to challenge society to be better and a powerful tool is true, authentic stories. Formulating a creative territory; Strength to Care gave us a platform, men could identify with but we needed the right voice with the right values to bring this creative work to life. David Pocock is an incredible man with whom we workshopped extensively to ensure we brought to life his shared values with the brands values in an elegant manner. We worked alongside Pocock for weeks, we built a story half of the Australian population heard and gave main stream media a new conversation." Lizi Hamer, Regional Creative Director.

David Pocock & Dove Men+Care : Strength to Care Case Study

Dove wanted to challenge traditional stereotypes of masculinity, to support men in one of the most macho cultures on earth, Australia. We needed to grab our audience by the collar and hit them where we knew we had their attention via the sport they love. Rugby.
Strength to Care was our creative platform devised to tackle the stigma of care being a sign of weakness. Rather, we wanted to celebrate a man’s caring approach to their loved ones, family and themselves. It’s a celebration of the men who choose to live life with respect and equality for those around them, and the strength to care for the world we live in. So we convinced the most interesting and introverted Wallaby to tell his stories of strength. Because introverts often speak the loudest.
David Pocock was the key to the successful delivery of our Strength to Care story. He spoke to an audience not traditionally open to conversations about masculinity and care. Notoriously reclusive and private, our creative team and production partners created an environment in which David was comfortable to share, at length, many of his closest and personal thoughts. I worked with David through a series of workshops, to better understand the motivations behind his beliefs and values. I gave him the tools to bring his messages to life and found the common ground between himself and the brand values.
Allowing him ownership of the messages we were bringing to life gave him the desire to share the project in more ways that he was commissioned to do. He truly believed in the strength to care.
David's stories - in his own words - gave our campaign, credibility, recognition, substance and engagement in the rugby community. The rugby community has been historically resistant to conversations on this subject but with a man of such substance we broke through.
Dove and Pocock’s stories have sparked instant debate. Positive articles about Homophobia, Mental Health and Masculinity were raised throughout the country. We created newsworthy attention being featured on Sky News, Channel 10, SBS and a range of local channels. The earned attention allowed men to share their personal stories and we witnessed a nation standing beside David Pocock through online posts #IStandWithPocock and I have the #StrengthToCare
In the first week of launch the campaign generated more than 3 million earned impression. But the further impact of reaching more than half of the male population of Australia was incredible.
The conversation about traditional Aussie masculinity has truly taken its first very big hit.

Episode 01: Letting your guard down

Society has taught us that masculinity is about putting on a brave face during times of stress and bottling up your emotions. In Episode 1 of David Pocock’s Journey to Strength, we hear how he resists the urge to follow the preconceived path of masculinity. Instead, David finds comfort in sharing his fears, insecurities and vulnerabilities with his partner Emma who helps give him the Strength To Care.
Do you show those you care about your true feelings? When was the last time you told a friend you were hurt, sad or upset? Do you think it is stronger to show loved ones you care?

Episode 02: Finding your voice

David explains how despite his powerful stature, he found it hard to speak up and find his voice. He talks about the strength he needed to face his insecurities and stay true to his beliefs. David realised that in finding his voice he grew as a person.
What are the issues in life that you care about? When did you stand up for the right thing? Do you have the strength to care?

Episode 03: Caring for Yourself

After 11 seasons of professional Rugby Union, David discusses how you have to protect yourself against burn out. The pressures of everyday life, work and training weigh on him; just as they do for everyone else. He is seeking strength in study, travel and time for himself. It is about understanding that before you can care for anyone else, first you must take care of yourself.
How do you look after yourself? Do you think you could do more to make yourself stronger? Are you strong enough to care about yourself?

David Pocock & Dove Men+Care : Strength to Care behind the scenes.

Spikes Asia 2016: Gold in Entertainment & Gold in Talent. 
Australia BeFest Awards: Gold for best branded content campaign 
UK The Drum Awards : Best branded content campaign with positive impact.
Clio Sports 2017: Social good. Dove Men+Care
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