MasterCard signed on as a partner of Rugby World Cup 2011, to build the brand and equity among affluent consumers. This included existing customers and non-customers. We needed to associate rugby values with the brand and be a part of every passionate conversation around rugby. We also needed to run a promotion. Our strategy was to invite fans to remember historic moments and capture that passion and excitement. In the middle of this buzz we invited them to feel it all again, by witnessing history happening live at Rugby World Cup 2011. Rugby fans absolutely love the game and appreciate the skill of all teams. Our creative execution brings these moments of individual brilliance to life in a priceless way, maximising MasterCard’s assets by tying it back to those moments. Re-watch the highlights, hold your breath again, remember that moment. And tag yourself. If you love rugby, I’m sure you can remember where, how and with whom you were watching those games. What’s more priceless than witnessing history? The campaign was promotional, social and emotional with fans living it, loving it and sharing it. 

Through full-screen video, we invited people to relive unforgettable moments of past Rugby World Cups, tag themselves and state what they were feeling at that moment. Tags were shared through Facebook Connect with newsfeeds spreading the word. Even banners were social. Fans were invited to ‘like’ one of two teams in a scrum and the team with more likes would push the other team – all amplified through Facebook. It’s the first social banner to run in Australia. For the promotion, we invited users to register to win the chance to witness history at Rugby World Cup 2011. 

Results were well beyond expectations with more than 70,000 visits to the site - even with an insignificant media drive - 11.76% registering for the promotion and people spending on average around 4 minutes on the site. The videos are literally covered in people’s tags, capturing the emotion of the game under the MasterCard brand. Even the banners got more than 2,000 Facebook likes.
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