Mastercard is renowned for bringing people together to start something truly priceless. What could be more important in 2020 than to hear two of the greatest athletes risk their careers, to help change the world for us all. 

We brought the victorious Billie Jean King, 39x Grand Slam winner, who has spent a lifetime championing equality on and off the court. And we allowed her history, her gumption and her wonderfully infectious personality drive a powerful conversation with Naomi Osaka. 

Naomi Osaka is herself a 3x Grand Slam winner and currently ranked #3 in the world. Osaka put herself in the spotlight during the US Open driving an active agenda of racial injustice. 

Mastercard was the only business able to bring these two powerhouses together for a spectacular conversation the world listened in to. The long form film, opened a range of powerful commentary from the two athletes, and pushed all the right buttons for our awed audience.
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