There is no 2nd planet. We must look after this one.
There is no larger priority than equity for all.
There is no 2nd home beyond what we can give to others.
There is no 2nd chance to do the right thing. To stand up and make a difference.
We are No2ndPlace.
No2ndPlace is an agency that uses the power of sport to create enduring social change which is measured by the impact we have on society.
Because we believe sport has the power to change the world!
At #No2ndPlace we will only work on briefs that have a definable, measurable social impact metric as the primary objective. Because our mission is to help the world win.
We ensure sports bodies deliver on their societal ambitions.
Help brands stand for more.  
Assist governments to drive diplomacy. 
Educate communities. 
Elevate role models.
All through the platform of sport.
Sport teaches us. It tests us and it shapes us.
We’re helping the world win with a collective of sport’s leading thinkers, activists, creative minds, and icons. 
Our No2ndPlace Collective.

The No2ndPlace Collective

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