This film and binaural recording are part of a season long series of activity created by Octagon for Standard Chartered Bank to celebrate Liverpool Football Clubs 125th Anniversary.
The Power of Numbers campaign highlights meaningful numbers in the rich history of the club and brings them to life in entertaining and relevant ways to earn attention.

"You’ll Never Walk Alone" became the Club’s anthem in 1964, and the title of the audio piece ‘Number 64 – Hear the Kop roar’ reflects the importance of the number for fans.

To raise awareness for Seeing is Believing, Standard Chartered’s global community initiative tackling avoidable blindness, the main club sponsor of Liverpool FC has today launched a unique Binaural 360 audio recording of match day at Anfield to promote World Sight Day 12th October. 
“We wanted to bring all the emotion of The Kop in full song to fans across the globe – regardless of their sight. It forced us to consider how other senses can provide a new perspective on the things we love”  Lizi Hamer, Octagon Regional Creative Director.

Recorded using special microphones shaped like human ears Octagon partnered with production agency Milkmoney to capture sound that precisely mimics the way the human ear hears. The binaural recording is created in a way that conventional microphones cannot achieve. The 360 audio effect transports the listener deep into the Kop no matter where you are in the world.
“Working purely in the medium of sound, provided us an opportunity to approach the task of immersive storytelling from a whole new perspective. The technology is now at a stage of refinement making it an incredible way to capture atmosphere.”
Matt Taylor, Founder and Managing Director for Milkmoney
This innovative soundscape was put together with the help of visually impaired LFC fan Pat Rodaway, who has been attending games since he was 14, although he has never seen a single goal scored. Through this experience, fans around the world - regardless of visual ability - can experience the raw emotion of the Kop singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ and feel the passion as it floods their ears - just like Pat does every weekend.
Number 64 : Hear The Kop Roar, Pat Rodaway
Number 64 : Hear The Kop Roar 360, Audio Experience​​​​​​​
The whole campaign can be viewed here:
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