Sisu is a Finnish term for bravery, determination and resilience. It's closest translation is GRIT. We believe women and girls are often deterred from being sisu - brave, determined and resilient - due to societal expectations and decreased levels of self-confidence.
At SisuGirls we aim to embrace confidence, bravery and resilience through outdoor adventure and showcasing strong, healthy and positive female role models.
Sisu is the bravery to step out of your comfort zone, the determination to continue when things get tough and the resilience to pick yourself up when it doesn’t go to plan.  
Sisu is a mindset. Sisu is a way to approach life. Sisu is a choice.
To embrace the sisu mindset of bravery, determination and resilience.
To connect with nature, to connect with others and to connect with self. 
To be inspired and encouraged by strong female role models. 

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