The Boot Room
An AR experience brought to LFC fans by Standard Chartered, brings one of football’s most fabled places back to life: Anfield’s Boot Room. As a host for the experience, we recreated the legendary manager Bob Paisley who welcomes fans and interacts with memorabilia from the club’s rich past.

Stepping into the virtual Boot Room let fans step back in time, where they could engage with Bob’s legacy through several interactions. They could discover historic radio broadcasts by turning the knob of a vintage radio, view shoes signed and worn by the club’s most legendary players, and test their own sense of strategy by perusing Bob’s own playbook. These artefacts provided fans with a tangible experience that met them on a more personal level.
While many virtualized representations of celebrities or athletes draw a red card, this AR experience won big with fans and players alike, who took to social media to share the poignant and moving experience. By introducing Paisley and Liverpool FC history to a new generation of fans, we brought everyone closer to the club and won them over.
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