We created a 10 minute film with a Scottish Director and a cast of illuminating Asian characters who each tell a mesmerising true story. The stories were delivered within a cinematic experience touching all of your senses, with each story perfectly paired to a tasting of The Macallan whisky. 

You are invited to take a seat in the luxurious cinema, beside you are two drams of The Macallan. The film begins in a stunning bar, with Erin the Scottish mixologist as your guide. Erin will take you through three steps of the tasting; the look, the nose and then the taste. She will then introduce each Protagonist of the ‘whisky worthy story’.

Each story plays with your senses and places a heightened appreciation on The Macallan whisky. From high impact filmic content [sight] to 8D auditory experiences and cutting edge binaural experiences [sound].

During each story Erin invites you to sip the corresponding dram of whisky [taste] and the cast will emphasise the whisky notes during their tales. Each whisky variant will have one of their notes released into the room in the form of a scent [smell] that will emphasise your taste and you will experience several environmental additions including delicate floating bubbles and temperature changes, that will generate a sense to your skin [touch].

Erin will also share her Scottish story, giving you a preview of the The Spiritual Home of The Macallan, the Easter Elchies and the incredible architecture of the world famous distillery.

When the film comes to a close, you will be invited into the bar, a direct replica of the bar featured on screen, adding to the sensory awe.
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