No matter where in the world Christmas is celebrated it’s traditionally a period spent with family, friends and good food. The Brits have their turkey. The Japanese have KFC and there’s nothing more Australian on a sunny Christmas day than fresh king prawns.
Eromanga is the Australian town furthest from the sea, situated 1,061km from the ocean – that’s over 15 hours drive! We collected half a ton of fresh prawns from Queensland coast and journeyed to Eromanga in a specially repurposed XXXX Gold chilled delivery truck.
Having never had fresh prawns in Eromanga we caused quite a stir. The local Mayor brought the community together to raise a toast to the year. The authentic story was captured in all its raw glory and shared with new stations. 
The story spread like wildfire as the nation fell in love with the heartfelt generous gesture from XXXX Gold at Christmas.
We delivered the surprise of half-a-ton of fresh prawns from the Queensland coast to Eromanga just days before Christmas. The refrigerated truck made the 2-day journey, stopping in Chinchilla, Roma and Quilpie sharing the XXXX Gold Prawns along the way. At each stop we rolled out the longest tables and enjoyed community dinners - distributing over 150kgs of fresh prawns in each town.
When the XXXX Gold Truck rolled into Eromanga it was to a waiting crowd of 60 locals – not bad for a town with only 40 residents!
With the production and PR teams on the road, we were able to deliver our heartfelt story in 24 hours going live across all major news channels and XXXX Gold owned channels on Christmas Eve. The event in rural Australia delivered a positive PR campaign with more than 1 in 3 Aussies witnessing XXXX Golds story.

Prawns Outback created over 300 pieces of earned editorial content across broadcast, print and online with a reach of over 8.5million beer drinking Aussies. The national news stations broadcast our initiative as we spread Christmas cheer.
The ship is turning, with research showing results ‘XXXX Gold is a brand for people like me’ not just stopping its decline, but actually climbing 30% after the stunt, their highest brand result on record.
The results not only blew the clients socks off, but did something far more important. We galvanised remote communities who hadn’t come together in years. With jobs drying up faster than the red dirt around them, we delivered prawns and optimism. For that alone, we slept a little more peacefully on 24th December.
XXXX Gold’s Prawns Outback is an exceptional example of a core consumer insight driving a perfectly executed stunt that not only delivered incredible reach but reversed consumer perceptions during a period of serious decline. 
The stunt gave a deep positive experience to those in rural Australia and the positive PR campaign delivered a stunning heartfelt message to the rest of Australia with over half of the population witnessing XXXX Golds Christmas story.
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